Using Hollow Conjugated Siliconized Polyester Staple Fiber to Make Pillows

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The quality of a pillow depends on its filling composition. Knowing the type of filling product to use makes buying easier. The right one has to offer the right amount of neck and head support without being too firm or stiff. Achieving this involves many factors like the type of fill, weight of fill, quality, and size of the pillow.

Hollow conjugated fiber has the best performance as synthetic filler fiber for pillows. The unique characteristics make it a perfect choice for stuffing. Follow through this pillow basics guide when using the hollow conjugated siliconized fiber.


Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber is one of the types of polyester staple fibers. It uses two kinds of polyester components to form a single filament. This process is conjugate spinning. These polymers have different viscosity. They thus elongate and crystalize at varying degrees. A phenomenon that causes contrasting shrinkage and relaxation of the two.

This is what gives the fiber a high potential for crimp and crimp retention. The crimps bring repeated unfolding and recovery of fibers. That’s why the hollow conjugated fiber exhibits unique crimp and elasticity properties. Various processes occur from spinning to finishing to form a superior fiber. It combines properties such as hollow cross-section, conjugation, and siliconization. The result is a functional fiber with many advantages over regular staple fibers. Conjugation a recent development makes hollow conjugated fibers the newest in the industry.

How to use

Give your pillows the right stuffing with a fiber that is durable. Despite the popular notion about the short lifespan of polyester filling. Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber is long lasting. It can stay in good condition for up to 3 years following proper care and maintenance.

Our company manufactures hollow conjugated fiber in size 3D, 7D, and 15D with a length of 32mm, 51mm, and 64mm. Use 3D fiber for a fine cushy feeling pillow and 15D for a firm pillow. The crimp found in this fiber has a three-dimensional shape that imitates wool. This type of crimp gives a high degree of bulk/loftiness and good thermal insulation.

Most of our product is for home textile and not yarn spinning. The fiber you get is user ready from the factory. You can buy your fiber and create a DIY pillow right at your home. Use hollow conjugated siliconized fiber by stuffing in a pre-sewn pillow form. You can use common options of protector fabric like foam or spun bonded fabric to make pillow forms. Insert the pillow form full of conjugated fiber into a pillow fabric cover.

Pillow sizes vary depending on the use. From small throw pillows of 14by 14inch for couches, standard bed pillows of 20by26inch to large floor pillows. A 5kg package of fiber can make ten to fourteen 14by14 inch pillows or two extra-large floor pillows.

Important Tips for Filling

1.Filling method. The two ways of filling are machine and manual. Yet machine filling is better because it produces a fluffy and uniform pillow.

2.Amount of fiber to use. If the filling is too much pillow tends to be stiff and have low elasticity. The key is to use a medium amount of fiber.

3.The Fill power. Medium fill pillows have exceptional quality and will serve you longer. 600gms and above is medium fill power and a good option. Fill power of over 800 is too rigid.


It doesn’t hollow out fast over time. Traditional hollow staple fibers lack the resilience and elasticity of conjugated siliconized fibers. In effect, pillows and cushions from these fibers flatten out fast with use.

The hollow conjugated one holds shape better. The best feature about hollow conjugated fiber is the lightweight. When used as stuffing, it won’t weigh you down. Soft and comfortable- The silicate layer on this fiber makes it silky and smooth.

A feature that is valuable when it comes to finding a snug pillow. The silicate layer prevents dust mite and bacteria accumulation. Siliconized polyester is resistant to the growth of molds and bacteria.Low maintenance. Unlike feather and down pillows, it doesn’t need fluffing and rearranging the filling.

It is also machine washable.Does not form lumps in your pillows since the silicone oil makes it tangle-free.The hollow space in the fiber makes it breathable. It will not stifle you at night. It is Hypoallergenic.

It is a fact that down products cause allergic reactions because of the feathers. Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber is the best down alternative because it is antiallergen.

Not only is the hollow conjugated siliconized fiber an ideal down alternative. It also trumps other staple fiber options when it comes to filler fiber.

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