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HEDA Chemical Fiber was founded in 2018, which is  hollow conjugated fiber manufacturer. Our virgin products are more slipperiness , easy to open and have no broken bales. There are still many excellent factories in China that do not engage in international trade. They focus on production and supply the domestic market.

They find HEDA, hoping that through HEDA channel, they can export their quality and inexpensive products to all parts of the world. Therefore, we also wholesale recycled fiber, which can meet the one-stop purchase of some customers. We also passed the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) test, and can issue a Transaction Certificate (TC) .virgin and recycled fibers can be mixed together delivery within one week.

At present, the main customers are in North and South America, Russia, some countries in Southeast Asia. Customers are from wholesales,distributor, but also from home textiles, nonwovens, geotextiles, down jackets and other factories. We have both the price of a factory and the flexibility of a trading company. We hope to be an important part of your supply chain.

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Hollow conjugated silicon and non-silicon fiber 7D&15D    is our advantage product.  the cut length is 32mm,  51mm,and 64mm.  The silicon oil is from U.S. brand ,which named Goulston.

because of the fiber is hollow, there is more space in the fiber giving a fluffy  and light appearance.

the application as filling for sofas, pillows, stuffed toys, mattresses, quilts, padding, etc.

one bale have 300KG-350kg with 1CBM, it load 23tons-24tons by 40HQ

Solid&Hollow microfiber

solid siliconized microfiber is our top popular product,the types range are from standard 0.5D ,0.8D,1.2D,cut length is 32mm,and 51mm.

This silicone adds a featherlike touch to the fill, which makes it very slippery, soft and easy to work with filling.

Microfiber is ideal for making clothes, sheets because it’s light.

one bale have 350kg-400kg with 1CBM, it load 24tons-25tons by 40HQ.

Productive Process


Stretching is a two-part process that uses a hot draw bath. From the creel, the tow goes to a stretcher containing a hot chemical bath of about 60-80 degrees Celsius. 

It is the first drawing. The second drawing occurs in a steam box chest between the second and third stretcher. These chemicals help to stretch the fibers before crimping.


It is a method of achieving irregular shrinkage on fiber. Three things happen to the tow first; cooling, oiling, and stacking together. It then goes to the crimper after pre-heating by passing through a tension roller. The crimper squeezes the fiber to shrink it.

This process adds properties that are useful for staple fiber applications. For example, it adds bulk and wool-like appearance to fabrics.

Cutting and Drying

The tow moves up to a tension stand machine for cutting to create Polyester staple fiber. Passing fiber over the tension stand helps achieve even length when cutting.

They dry the staple fiber by blowing air at high pressure over it on a chain board conveyor. additional, spraying of anti-static solution occurs to avoid clinging to each other when open fibers.


Finally, the dry, treated staple fiber is ready for packaging. It enters the baler chamber for weighing and baling. The machine weighs it, while the staff puts into bales and labels it. The forklift transfers complete bales to the storage for shipping.

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We provide free sample (less than 1kg).If you want more weight sample, some freight cost will be charged.


We have experienced QC team.We control not only productive process but raw material.

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