Solid Microfiber 1.2D

Microfiber applications are widely used in home textiles industrial. This silicone adds a featherlike touch to the fill, which makes it very slippery, soft and easy to work with.


100% PTA and MEG

Fiber Type


Cut length



Winter clothes,Pillow

Solid Microfiber 1.2D


Certificate Of Analysis


Filament( detx)1.32D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)3.5*107
Elastic recovery(%)52.75
Cut Length(mm)38
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:180.79 V2:42.75 V3:115.43


Consumer Application and Uses


Polyester is the artificial twin of cotton. Essentially, it can replace all apparel with cotton fabric. That’s why the consumer world acknowledges it as the cheaper alternative to cotton.

We use it in many contexts such as apparel, homeware, and industries to make bottles.

The fiber makes yarn for weaving fabrics.

In-home use for making furnishing products like carpets, sheets, curtains. As filler for sofas, pillows, stuffed toys, mattresses, quilts, padding, etc.
When it comes to PSF, texture affects use. For filling pillows, padding clothes, sofas hollow is the best option. Microfiber is ideal for making clothes, sheets because it’s compact.






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