Recycled solid black 6D

Polyester staple fiber recycled solid black 6d and 15d are widely used in geotextile, automotive interior, exhibition carpet, needle felt,trunk nonwoven,insulation panels.

Raw Material

Waste cloth


Black 6D&15D

Fiber Length



Recycled Grade A&B


PP Woven Bag

Recycled solid black 6D





In today’s environmentally conscious world, the demand for sustainable and high-performance materials is at an all-time high. Catering to this need, we are proud to present our innovative product – the Recycled Staple Fiber 6D Black. This premium quality fiber is not just an eco-friendly choice but also a testament to superior engineering and design.


  • Geotextile Industry: In the realm of geotextiles, this fiber offers exceptional strength and durability. Its robust nature makes it ideal for soil stabilization, erosion control, and drainage applications, ensuring long-term performance in challenging environments.
  • Automotive Interior: Revolutionizing automotive interiors, our fiber brings both comfort and durability to vehicle upholstery. Its resilience against wear and tear, coupled with a sleek black aesthetic, makes it a preferred choice for car manufacturers seeking sustainable yet stylish materials.


  • Exhibition Carpet and Needle Felt: Transforming the look and feel of exhibition spaces, our fiber is widely used in carpets and needle felts. It provides a luxurious texture, excellent foot comfort, and the durability needed for high-traffic areas, all while being eco-friendly.
  • Trunk Nonwoven: In the production of trunk nonwovens, our fiber stands out for its ability to blend durability with aesthetics. It ensures that the trunk linings are not only tough and long-lasting but also visually appealing.








                                                              Recycled 6D Black Specification Index
1Linear densitydtex6.89
2Linear density deviation%3.28
3Tenacity (at break)cn/dtex2.6
4Elongation (at break)%52.1
5Multiple lengthmg/100g30.8
6Defects/Flaw contentmg/100g617.1
7Rate of moisture regain%0.51
8Average lengthmm64.4
9Crimp numberwaves/cm3.2
10Comparison resistanceΩ108*1.6
11Length variation%0





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