Low Melt Fiber 4D*51MM

Low-melt polyester fiber are often made from bi-component materials, where one component has a lower melting point than the other. their lower melting point typically between 80°C and 130°C (176°F to 266°F), which is significantly lower than that of standard synthetic fibers like polyester.



100% polyester






Eco-friendly industrial glue

Low Melt Fiber 4D*51MM


ITEM:UNITResultsRange of control
Denier:g/9000M4.874.5+/- 0.5
Crimp no.25mm/inch5.55+/-1
OIL PICK UP%0.120.15+/-0.05
Heat shrinkage%9.710+/-1
MELT POINT110110+/-10


Low-melt polyester fiber is a type of synthetic fiber made from 100% polyester. It has a low melting point and is extremely heat-resistant, making it an ideal material for applications such as quilting and clothing production where a high degree of heat stability is required. Low-melt polyester fiber also offers excellent breathability, moisture-wicking properties, durability, and hypoallergenic characteristics that make it suitable for apparel use. Additionally, its low density makes the fabric lightweight and comfortable to wear. Low-melt polyester fibers come in many colors and textures, making them versatile enough for both industrial and consumer uses.


Standard fiber comes in either black or white. Our low melt fiber Specs range between thicknesses of 2D, 4D to 6D, and a length of 51mm.

Crystalline low melt does not liquefy until it reaches its melting point. It withstands high temperature without softening. Hence, it’s great for automotive underbodies like wheel lining and near engine compartments.

The black low melt PSF is also suitable for use in the automotive industry because of its color. These are in the lining of the trunk, under the hood, and car carpeting. The white option is ideal for general applications.

Combining low melt fiber with solid fiber creates a fiber that works well in batting and wadding. It is common to mix low-melt fiber with 3D and 7D fiber for this purpose. In this case, the low melt fiber acts as an adhesive for bonding the two.




1. Fiber Fineness: Heda White Low melt fiber 2D&4D *51 and 64mm

2. Packing Detail: 320KG/PP woven bag/bale, 10MT/20’FT, 26MT/40’HQ

3. MOQ: 10MT/20’FT for trial order

4. HS CODE: 5503.2000

5. Delivery time: 5-20days after 30% deposit

6. Payment term: 30% deposit & 70%  balance T/T after shipment OR LC at sight.

7. Production Capacity: 40000-50000MT/year

8. Origin: China mainland

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